“Para Para”

This is probably my favorite Hebrew slang expression. A para is a cow, and often in Hebrew when two words are repeated one after the other they denote repetition:

Yom yom (Day day) means “day by day.”

Sof sof (End end) means “finally.”

Thus, “Cow cow” connotes “Cow after cow.” In other words,“ One thing at a time.” It refers to how cows are milked in the old kibbutz refet (“cowshed”). They are let into the milking shed one cow at a time (Para para).


  • Dani: OK, let’s get to work – you can file these papers, translate this letter and empty the trash.
    Shlomo: Take it easy, Dani. Para para.


  • Itzik: Oh no, Maccabi Tel Aviv is losing 4-1. We need to score 3 goals right now!
    Mendy: Itzik, Para para (i.e. Let’s first score one goal, then we’ll worry about the next 2 goals)

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