Top 10 Methods To Learn Hebrew Online


1. HebrewPod101 (Innovative Language)

HebrewPod101 is one of the websites from the Innovative Language family. The courses include audio and video lessons with additional language learning materials, ranging from beginner to advanced level. By using the interactive dashboard, learning materials and study tools, you will be able to create a completely personalized syllabus and learn at your own tempo. Additional resources include tutorials on grammar, pronunciation, alphabet, Hebrew Dictionary, etc. The dashboard allows you to manage the learning process and keep track of your progress.



eTeacherHebrew offers an immersive Hebrew learning experience tailored to your specific knowledge of the language, even if you’ve never tried to learn it before. The online classroom pairs you with a real, certified teacher and up to 7 other students for one or two hours each week. Programs teach reading, writing, speaking, and even culture associated with Hebrew. All lessons are provided only in Hebrew so you’ll start picking up a new vocabulary from the very first day.



3. Transparent Language

The goal of Transparent Language is to use web-based technology and interactive software in the purpose of creating research-based and experience-driven programs. The methodology used relies on the acquisition of vocabulary and phrases using flashcards. This becomes the foundation for the further language development. Transparent Language provides several online courses, as well as lots of grammar lesson, tips, instructional videos, blog articles, etc. Courses are mainly oriented at beginners, while other resources are also suitable for more advanced language learners.


4. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language course that uses language immersion method which simulates the process of the native language acquisition. This method refers to creating an environment where the learner is exposed to the new language without any translations or grammar rules. The goal is to learn the language intuitively, by discovering the meaning, rules and patterns on your own. Plenty of images and audio materials, together with the speech-recognition technology make this course one of the most contemporary solutions for language learning. Additional features include online games and quizzes, interaction with other learners and online sessions with the native speakers.



LingoLearn offers you access to one-on-one learning tracks for Hebrew. The company works directly with you through a Web platform that focuses on basic language learning, reading comprehension, and conversation. Lessons are typically in 2-hour blocks but give you plenty of time to ask questions and have a casual conversation. The service is one of the few online that offers specific options for recent immigrants to Israel or those planning a trip to the country. A high-speed Internet connection is required.



6. Ulpan-Or

Ulpan-Or is an online Hebrew learning institution that began its career with in-person classes and programs. Building on its success there the company has moved into online programs that run for two weeks or one month. It offers a unique set of digital newspapers that are interactive and give you a novel way to practice your skills. Ulpan-Or offers classes for all types of skill levels and will tailor your package specific to your knowledge and needs. It works through your PC but also recommends having Skype for proper communication.



7. Livemocha

Livemocha is an online language learning community that helps people from all over the world to learn foreign languages. The lessons and exercises are aimed at improving speaking and writing skills thorough interactive activities. Besides being able to learn Hebrew, you are also able to communicate with people speaking Hebrew natively and get feedback on your progress from them. This way you will learn both, the language and the culture behind it. The methodology is based on observing, learning and practicing the new language and you are able to study the lessons at your own tempo.



8. Learn Hebrew Pod

Learn Hebrew Pod is a website created by teachers of Hebrew in the purpose of utilizing modern web technology in order to teach Hebrew using interactive methods. The teachers are native speakers living in Israel and what makes this site unique is the fact that the teachers are also actors. They teach Hebrew through real-life situations using the modern language. There are several courses available. Learn Hebrew Pod also features stories about the most important Jewish holidays which help you get in touch with the culture. Materials are available for download on your mobile device or iPod.



9. Milingua

Milingua is a web-based course for learning Hebrew language. The lessons can be accessed without any particular order or syllabus to follow. The course contains 54 core Hebrew lessons and 50 advanced lessons. Each lesson has one part where you learn the rules and vocabulary, and the second one in which you have exercises to reinforce what you have just learned. The teaching method does not develop all four language skills, but instead it focuses on grammar and explanations. The usage of audio and video materials is minimal. You can contact the teacher via email any time you need help with the course.



10. Learn Hebrew Fast Online

Learn Hebrew Fast Online offers a course based on the “David Method” developed by Elana Watson, a Hebrew teacher. The course is video-based and it is suitable for students of various ages. Having in mind the fact that it lacks modern software features, the course is not engaging and interactive enough. The lessons in video format are rather elaborate and informative. However, the lessons cover only the basic concepts, suitable for beginners. There is a possibility to schedule an online lesson with Elana, where you can get additional help with the course and Hebrew language.




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11. Hebrew Podcasts

Hebrew Podcasts introduces an interesting approach to learning Hebrew language using the lessons in the form of podcasts. This learning program enables you to learn at your own pace using the podcasts as the central part of each lesson. New lessons are added every month, ranging from easy to advanced level. They all follow the same structure, lesson presentation in the form of podcast (audio, video and PDF files) and several types of exercise for revision of vocabulary and grammar. As a member of Hebrew Podcasts you get access to all the lessons, which can also be downloaded.



12. Ulpanet

Ulpanet offers interactive courses for individual learning of both modern and biblical Hebrew. Hundreds of lessons, additional quizzes and puzzles in each lesson, and several levels of each course, make this program a very useful solution for online learning of Hebrew. The syllabus is available for each course so you can analyze the goals of the course before you decide which one is suitable for you. The learning management system used in these courses is a web-based solution for learning in an interactive environment. Besides English, learning management system provides support for French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish speakers.



13. Hebrew Today

Hebrew Today has developed a methodology that is based on the presumption that the most effective way of learning a language is through enjoyable experience which simulates the real environment. Therefore, reading materials are published in Modern Hebrew in order to help students understand this language and culture. Published on regular basis, these materials ensure consistency in the learning process. The language materials are created for individual learning and students can learn at their own pace. The newspaper articles are also highly recommended for teachers as the diverse content in the articles is engaging for students.

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  1. By: erez
    Date: June 4, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Livemocha is gone!

  2. By: Amanda
    Date: April 7, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Duolingo has added Hebrew to it’s list of available languages, it is free and it is really good!!!

  3. By: Linda Kinney
    Date: May 12, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    Is all this free at, including the 10 online links?

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