-“oosh” Suffix

The suffix –oosh is a suffix of endearment, which has Eastern European origins. It can be added to the end of anyone’s name:

  • Ronit-oosh
  • Niv-oosh
  • Omri-oosh
  • Inbar-oosh

If the name ends in an “-ah” sound then one would drop it before adding the suffix:

  • Nitza = Nitzoosh
  • Galya = Galyoosh
  • Rona = Ronoosh

It can also be added to the end of family members’ names:

  • Aba (father) = Aboosh (Daddy)
  • Eema (mother) = Eemoosh (Mommy)
  • Doda (aunt) = Dodoosh (Auntie)

In recent years, teenagers have begun adding the –oosh suffix to more common words of greeting, a custom which stems from a skit from a popular comedy show several years back in which some ditzy teenage girls broadcast their own online reality show and use words like:

  • Hiyoosh
  • Bye-oosh
  • OK-oosh

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