Bassa is the rough equivalent to the American English word, “bummer.” It is usually (but not always) used with the word “Eizeh” (“What a…”) and properly expresses typical Israeli impatience. Bassa fittingly is derived from the Arabic word for onion. It also has a Hebraicized adjective – mevuyass (bummed out), verb – mevayess (bum out) and reflexive verb – hitbayess (bummed out).


  • We arrived to the movie theater, but the show was sold out. Eizeh bassa!
  • Your dog died? Bassa!
  • Ani mevuyass (I’m bummed out) I didn’t get to see you when you visited.
  • You’re not coming over? Atah mevayess oti (You are bumming me out.)
  • Hitbayassti (I was bummed out) when I saw my exam score.

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