Transparent Language Full Review

Transparent Language uses web-based technology in order to create learning programs that help individuals learn languages quickly, easily and effectively. Language programs are research-based and experience-driven and they are aimed at developing skills more quickly and with better results using flashcards, games, etc.

Transparent Language courses have been used since 1991 by individuals, as well as by schools and universities. The software is constantly being developed and improved in order to enable the most pleasant experience in learning languages. Transparent Language offers access to 80 different language courses. Each course is composed so that it contains over 2,300 unique words and phrases. The courses include native speaker pronunciation and lessons that are organized into several units, starting from the basic vocabulary and then advancing to more challenging exercises. It is possible to improve all four language skills with this online language learning system.

The methodology used in Transparent Language programs is based on the Declarative Method, which refers to the acquisition of vocabulary words, phrases and short sentences, rather than analyzing lessons and grammar. The information you acquire using this method becomes the foundation for further language development. Combining this kind of methodology with the high-quality learning materials and integration of real-life situations, this language learning program offers a comprehensive resource for learning a foreign language.

How it works?

The main product of the company is Transparent Language Online, software that helps you learn languages through flashcards and exercises. The website Transparent Language is separated into two main sections. The first one presents an interactive course which contains four separate programs. In order to access the course you have to register and to pay for a monthly membership. The other section is focused on exploring the language and using it in real-life situations. This section contains plenty of free resources which you can use even without creating an account.

The first part – Learn It All

Learn Hebrew with one of the most complete language packages that includes pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing, vocabulary-building lessons and supplemental learning materials. You can easily access this platform from any computer. The interface which you will get access to is extremely easy to work with. You are able to navigate easily from one type of exercise to the other. Simply follow the arrow that will help you get your way around the software.

Although this part requires payment, you can sign up for a free trial. You have to provide a user name, a password and a valid email address. Click “Register” and then verify your account using the link you receive in your email address. As soon as your account is verified, you are ready to start learning.

Transparent Language Online is a four-part course. Each part of the course is aimed at improving certain skills and at practicing different aspects of language learning process. After you sign up, you will get access to all four parts. Using all of the features is the only way to complete the learning process.

  • The Essentials™ Courses

Follow a thoughtfully designed lesson plan through 11 units and 33 lessons to start with the basics, and then refine your writing and speaking, as well as vocabulary and reading. Check out the goals of the course in order to get the overview of what you will be learning. After you complete a lesson, you will see a blue dash next to the title of the lesson. Lessons that you have only started, but you have not completed, will have a yellow dash next to the title, meaning incomplete.

  • Learned Item Refresh System

As you go on with the learning and you acquire more and more information with each lesson, it is possible that you might start forgetting something that you have already learned. Learned Item Refresh System is designed to prevent that from happening. By tracking “Fresh” and “Stale” items, this system helps you review the lesson materials, so that you can always refresh your knowledge. The chart will help you track your progress throughout a certain period of time.

  • Byki™ Vocabulary Builder

Byki Vocabulary Builder is modern and interactive software that enables you to learn more than thousand words and phrases grouped by topics. Using illustrative flashcards with the text in both English and Hebrew, it helps you acquire vocabulary in an engaging way. The software includes the native speaker pronunciation as well as the possibility to compare your own pronunciation to the original. In addition, there are hints, grammar and cultural tips.

  • Language Reference

This part helps you truly master the language as you will get access to references necessary to complete your learning process. It includes general references, grammar tips, alphabet explorer, language video overview and much more. Language Reference segment complements what might be missing in the previous parts as it focuses on teaching you the language rules.


Second part – Put It To Use

The second part represents a free collection of advanced, interactive and cultural resources aimed at expanding the learning process and introducing different cultures to the language learners. Use these resources to practice Hebrew in real-life situations.

  • Interactive Social Communities

Social communities have enabled communication with people all around the world. Transparent Language social communities are focused on connecting language learners from different countries in the purpose of exchanging ideas, experience and knowledge. With more than 3 million followers on the most important social networks, you have the possibility to connect with other members and help each other.

  • Language and Culture Blogs

Language and Culture blogs are written by different teams which are comprised of native speakers, teachers and learners and their goal is to help you learn about current events, colloquial language, culture and tradition. Blogs also feature dialogues and discussions about the language. This is where you are able to experience the real-life language. With lots of interesting articles, explanation, videos and pictures, following Hebrew language blog can help you a lot when it comes to learning Hebrew language. The content of the Hebrew blog is published in both English and Hebrew.

  • Word of the Day

Learning a language is a process that requires a lot of time and dedication. Being a long-term process, you might start to lose motivation over time and need some inspiration to keep going. This is where the feature called Word of the Day comes into play. It represents a fun way to learn a new word every day. Visit the Word of the day section each day to learn a new word. The interface includes pronunciation by native speakers and example sentences.


In order to follow the discussions in the free section, sign up for the newsletter. You will get daily notifications about newly published blog articles and word-of-the-day suggestions.

If you are interested in personalized classes, you can use Transparent Connect service. There are two types of personalized classes, live instructions within online classrooms or private tutoring:

  • Online Classroom Courses – These include 8 sessions which are organized in small groups up to six students. Sessions are held once per week. Course syllabus and 3-month subscription to Transparent Language Online are included.
  • Online Private Tutoring – The service includes 90 minutes online session with a private tutor. This type of learning is completely personalized and more flexible with scheduling than learning in a group.


KidSpeak is language learning software for children. It is designed for children aged 5 to 13 and it offers interactive and entertaining activities such as games, songs, etc. This helps children learn a language in an interesting way. A fun cartoon character is there to lead children throughout the course as they make progress. At the moment, this software is available for Windows only.



How to choose the right plan/level? How do I know if this service can be helpful for me?

There is no initial test that you could take to find out about your current Hebrew level. It seems that Transparent Language Online is pretty much aimed at beginners or false beginners, since the software mainly covers basic vocabulary and grammar. There are no challenging exercises that would be suitable for advanced learners.

Transparent Language Online can help you learn the basics of Hebrew language using interactive software. You can sign up and register for a free trial so that you can test the software and see if it can help you learn Hebrew.

If paid monthly, the price for one-month of access to the Transparent Language Online is $29.95. This subscription plan allows you to access only one language. Other payment plans offer savings so in case you decide to pay for a year in advance, the price cuts down to $16.66 per month. If you wish to have access to several languages, you will need to sign up for “All Language Pack”, which is billed $149.95 per month.


  • Well-designed, interactive software
  • Possibility to track your progress
  • Lessons have clearly defined goals, so you know what you are going to learn in each lesson
  • There is an option to slow down the audio. This feature helps with learning the correct pronunciation.
  • Free online resources


  • Sometimes the site is not as fast, so certain lessons take time to load.
  • No test to determine the level of Hebrew
  • You have to maximize the window in order to see the full course window. However, when you maximize the window, you are not able to see the side menu, which prevents you from easily navigating through the course.
  • Learning vocabulary is mostly based on flashcards, there are no sentences to fill in or any other types of exercises.
  • There are no grammar exercises to help you practice, only tips and explanations.



•  Why does the window crash every time I play a video?

You need the latest version of Quicktime player in order to see videos without interruptions.

•  Does Transparent Language Online work or any computer?

Yes, you can use any computer to access Transparent Language Online software.

•  Is there a mobile app?

There is Byki Vocabulary Builder mobile app available for iOS and Android. This way you can practice vocabulary on the go and keep up.

Final Say

Transparent Language is aimed at making language learning a simple and interesting process. There are various different activities to practice vocabulary but most of them rely on flashcards, which when used alone, are not the most efficient way to practice vocabulary. With lots of grammar lessons and tips available, you can learn the main grammar rules. However, the problem is that there are no practical exercises which you can use to practice what you have just learned.

Courses are mostly aimed at beginners so advanced learners will not benefit much from these courses. On the other hand, free resources offer plenty of opportunities to experience the language, as it is being used in real-life situations. This is something from which advanced students can benefit as well. Overall, the course is well-designed and organized, and as such will present a very good starting point for learning the basics of Hebrew language.

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