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LingoLearn is an online language school that provides one-on-one lessons with native speakers so you can learn Hebrew. Lessons use your computer and offer a combination of visual lesson plans as well as a chance for you and your teacher to see each other in order to help with pronunciation and temperament.

The company currently has three Hebrew teachers – David, Oshri, and Tiferet – all of whom are educated in Hebrew and teaching. Lessons use a combination of your native language and Hebrew so you can learn construction and how it is similar or different to your current language.

The company currently offers two types of classes, a generalized Hebrew language course and one specifically for immigrants that focuses on helping people who have moved or will soon move to Israel.

How it works

LingoLearn starts its process by giving you a free lesson in the language you want to learn. This ensures that your computer and equipment can help you learn the lessons, evaluates your needs, and even teaches you a basic lesson.

You sign up on its website for your free lesson with a teacher and you are evaluated on your understanding of Hebrew and your ability to comprehend new items. While the service operates beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of Hebrew and immigrant Hebrew classes, lessons are tailored to how much you know.

Lessons are all individual unless you sign up with your company or a large organization. Your face time with a teacher is scheduled at your convenience and is typically available during the week and on Sundays.

Courses are built in units of 10 that cover initial understanding up through specific reading and writing. Each unit is roughly 2 hours long and will include lesson plans, homework and practice sheets.

As part of your course you get access to digital workbook materials and recordings of lessons, plus additional articles and tips that can help guide your learning.

You use your PC for all interactions done through its digital classroom. Lesson plans include graphics, videos, texts and other activities so you can learn words, improve your reading, pronounce items correctly and gain a deeper understanding of the grammar and context rules that apply in Hebrew.

The service requires you have a headset or microphone to speak to the teacher and recommends that you have a webcam so your teacher can see you and give you direct feedback.

The company stresses that learning language requires a balance of speaking and reading, so many assignments will combine the two and related self-study and coursework are necessary to the full understanding of a language.

The typical lesson follows this format:

  1. Warm-up conversation on any topic.
  2. Review of the homework from the previous lesson.
  3. Reading of a short text, sometimes as short as two paragraphs.
  4. Learning of new words from the text.
  5. Learning of grammar and syntax from the text. Applying words to this, such as in conjugation.
  6. Free conversation regarding the content of the text where teachers try to get students to use and combine new vocabulary and grammar lessons.
  7. Writing assignment.
  8. Lesson summary.
  9. Homework assignment.

How do I know if this service can be helpful for me? How to choose the right plan/level? 

The company suggests using its online test and taking advantage of its free lesson in order to best gauge your level of expertise and experience with Hebrew. It can accommodate beginners who don’t know any part of the language through advanced users looking to create a business-level working knowledge of the language.

The company offers two paths to take, a general Hebrew lesson structure and one geared toward immigrants in Israel that are seeking to developing conversation skills that help them express needs and desires in a new city.

All courses follow the 10 unit structure and will include homework as well as Web-based one-on-one lessons.

The courses themselves include:

  • Hebrew: Beginners 101. This course is for students with little to no prior knowledge of the language.  It starts off with basic alphabet understanding and teaching, moves through conversational items, and verb tenses. Students also gain some basic reading abilities.
  • Intermediate Hebrew. This course teaches grammar and syntax of Hebrew such as adjective placement and verb tense agreements. Students learn how to read complex sentences and develop a contextual awareness of social situations and language. The course also works to build out an extensive vocabulary.
  • Advanced Hebrew: This course teaches students a deeper understanding of Hebrew, from complex reading to the skills needed for fluent conversations. The service provides business-level understand and vocabulary with an emphasis on current events and readings.
  • Beginners’ level Hebrew for Immigrants. This course aims to help new immigrants that are just arriving or will arrive to Israel. It focuses on modern Hebrew and conversational elements that are needed in day-to-day life. It includes basic language and reading skills plus specific tools like asking for directions.
  • Advanced level Hebrew course for Immigrants. This course builds on the beginner level to provide more daily communication tools and options that are more than “just enough to get by.” The class focuses largely on conversation skills but also provides reading with an emphasis on signs, menus, and news items.



  • The service offers individual lessons which are shown to increase learning and keep you actively engaged.
  • Your teacher will speak your language as well as Hebrew, helping you with difficult concepts.
  • Lesson plans are adjusted to your current knowledge and your ability to learn.
  • Reviewers report the lessons to be very fun.
  • Hebrew teachers have some of the highest customer reviews for LingoLearn.
  • A focus on conversation.


  • Not all private lessons are recorded.
  • Group courses move too fast for some.
  • Some users have reported that teachers are not always easy to understand.
  • Internet problems have disrupted some lessons.
  • The cost and complete lesson structure are not apparent from the service’s website.
  • The company can be slow to return calls or questions either by phone or email.


What happens if I need to move or miss a lesson?

The company offers you the ability to move or makeup lessons without any additional cost. If you need to miss multiple weeks, it suggests emailing so you can determine a schedule to pick back up at a later date.

Is there a guarantee?

LingoLearn says “your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.”

Is it right for me?

LingoLearn provides quizzes and free initial lessons for you to test out the service. Its teachers will say if they feel you are not right for the program or if it won’t meet your needs.

Are trial lessons really free?

Yes. The service offers these before collecting any payment information and will never charge you for a trial lesson.


Final Say

Whether or not you should use LingoLearn really hinges on the free lesson it provides. Try out the lesson and see if the fit works and that can help you make your decision. The company’s Hebrew teachers have some of the best recommendations on its website, but there are very few reviews elsewhere on the Web. The company doesn’t provide any pricing information on its website and its customer support can be slow to respond, but users that liked the free lesson have nothing but positive things to say about the service. One-on-one lessons are a great way to learn a new language, so this may be just what you’re looking for.


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