In Hebrew, a kartzia is a tick, as in the fat, round, blood-sucking parasite. It is used to describe someone who is annoying, or bugging someone else. It is often preceded by the ubiquitous Eizeh – “What a…,” or Al ti’hiye/Al ti’hiyi – “Don’t be a…(masculine/feminine)” or Ya (slang for “you”).


  • C’mon! Let’s go to the movies. Why won’t you go with me? I ask you every weekend and you won’t go.
    Leave me alone, ya kartzia! I don’t like movies, and I don’t like you.
  • Please, please can I come into your room?
    Al ti’hiyi kartzia! I want to be alone with my friends, and we don’t need any little sisters around.
  • Here, just try it. You’ll like it.
    Kartzia…(said under one’s breath.)
  • Eizeh kartzia! He won’t stop tailgating me!

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